Prosciutto Crudo di Parma

It is a ham obtained from pigs weighing over 200 kg. After an initial maturation of 12/13 months in the hilly area of ​​our Apennines, it ends its maturation together with the culatelli in the humid cellars of the Antica Corte Pallavicina.

It is a completely exceptional ham weighing 11/14 kg which reaches the highest quality at 24 months.

Produced without nitrates, sugars, flours or any other additive or stabilizer. 

Ingredients: pork, salt

SEASONING  24 months



REGION  Emilia-Romagna


Salame Cacciatore

Salame Italiano Cacciatore is small, soft and with a sweet and tasty flavour; it provides an important quantity of noble proteins, vitamins, especially of the B group, and essential minerals such as zinc and iron.
It is a cylindrical-shaped salami with a compact, non-elastic consistency.
Thanks to the evolution of production systems and greater attention to the quality of raw materials and spices used, the salt content is lower than in the past: 18% less.
The paste of the salamino is compact and homogeneous. It has a uniform ruby colour with well-distributed fat grains and a delicate, characteristic aroma. It is distinguished by its particularly sweet taste, the absence of acidic or spicy flavours and its soft chewing


Salame Spigarolino di Antiche Razze

After only 15 days, it served as the first quality test of the cured meat. If it had the classic sweet, fragrant taste, with a dark red color, it meant that all the production would be of quality. We still produce it as it was then, with the classic garlic and wine tanning, with a maturation of at least two weeks.

- Only from pigs weighing 180 to 230 kg

- Ingredients: pork, salt, wine, garlic, pepper, nitrates




REGION  Emilia-Romagna


Soppressata bianca

Typical and noble salami due to the variety of tender and sinew-free meats (minced ham, fillet and bacon). It is stuffed into the pig's large intestine, such as crespone or filzettone, naturally without the addition of preservatives or allergens. Soppressata takes a round shape and is matured for 70 days, typical of the mountainous areas of Calabria.

SEASONING  70 days




Chilli Sausage

The cured sausage, produced in accordance with the village traditions of the Pollino area, is shaped like a horseshoe, but it is also available in pieces, sticks and long horseshoes. The dough is flavoured with wild fennel and other aromas. It is matured for about 45 days.

SEASONING  45 days




Prosciutto Cotto Spigaroli

It was the 70s in the kitchen in our family restaurant "Cavallino Bianco". Aunt Emilia and Signora Amanda, both born in 1911, were defined as “Guareschian” cooks. Two women masters of the ancient flavors of our territory! In addition to incredible dishes of our tradition, with great skill they delighted in the preparation of cooked meats. So after having obtained the best parts of the pig's thigh, they massaged them and marinated them with wild herbs for several days.

They then moved on to slow cooking in the lower part of the old “Angelo Po” wood stove. The cooking lasted for days because the heat had to enter slowly and take possession of the meat "without his noticing", so they said. Then came the long rest, almost a seasoning. That was “Il cotto Spigaroli”.

After almost 50 years we produce it with the same flavor, the same aromas, the same softness, but above all with the same love and with the same ancient recipe.

- Only from white pigs weighing 180 to 230 kg

- Ingredients: Pork leg flake, brine (water, sea salt), flavorings

SEASONING  2 month



REGION  Emilia-Romagna