Deliccimo Restablished in 2020, as Danish food, dessert and bevarege supplier/manufacturer.

Our goal and dedication is to develop and offer a range of quality products that meet the specific needs of different sectors within the market such as ready-made-food, pastries, donuts, bread, ice cream, pasta, olive oil and more.

Our aiming to deliver the freshest products daily dedicated by our top partners and suppliers of premium food worldwide. 


Founded in 2015 in the Berlin area, as street food truck. Deliccimo began its business as a street food and sandwiches bar company, providing outstanding sandwiches and beverages.

In 2018 Deliccimo the become a subsidiary company under Nericcio Ltd, with a focus of becoming a food service company to supply ready made meals and desserts at grocery stores in Germany and Eastern European market 

In 2020 the company Nericcio Ltd, then changed its company name to VoonBergHolding. The boarders of directors demanded a new vision for Deliccimo of becoming a more sustainable company by providing premium products only.



With our unique products and brands we are able to provide our consumers and customers the opportunity to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our extensive product portfolio caters to a broad range of consumer preferences and needs.


We aim to fullfil the growing demand for more effective delivery solutions and better sales strategy by using all our knowledge in fashionable packaging and marketing expertise. Our logistic team and packaging design team, are excited to bring Deliccimo´s new products in to the market. These innovations will build our brand stronger and create the


With 85 employees across 2 countries: Denmark and Sweden, we work to achieve efficient operations. We treat the raw products from our suppliers as cooking preparation and bake-off out of our physical kitchen on to processed in global market with our integrated supply chain.


Our production philosophy and goals are simple. We want to produce and provide the best food products in the world. Both suppliers, manufacturers and famers are at the center of our business.


We want to create the maximum value for all our collected products: Ready Made Meals, Desserts and Beverages with high quality requirements.


Our most important goal is to secure

a competitive product price for our customers.In order to achieve this, Deliccimo will creates value per each product through the development of strong brands, the development of innovative products and the expansion into international markets with incremental sales and margin opportunity.